Exciting Developments for Augmented Reality from WWDC

Expanding augmented reality

ARKit 2, the new version of Apple’s augmented reality SDK, has two huge new features: world mapping and 3D object recognition.

A brand new file type for augmented reality

Possibly one of the biggest game changers that Apple announced is that they, in collaboration with Pixar, are introducing an entirely new file format just for augmented reality. The new file format, USDZ, means we will soon be able to integrate AR experiences into web pages, documents, messages, mail, and more. Imagine you’re viewing a web page on your phone. Tap the experience and it will appear on the table in front of you, allowing you to put 3D objects into your real world. The USDZ file format encapsulates all of the media elements — 3D objects and associated files, video, and audio — into one file, which you can then embed into virtually anything. Why is this such a big deal? It means we’ll be able to deliver AR experiences without forcing the user to download an app.

Photos courtesy of Apple.

Other improvements for users

Apple is promising that iOS 12, which will debut this fall, will run much faster than iOS 11 — they’re talking about a 40–60% increase in performance when it comes to opening apps on older devices.



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